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Do you wish to become a DEVELOPER or ORACLE Technologist?

Do you want to hone your skills, deepen your knowledge of ORACLE SQL and PL/SQL technologies - Then you’ve come to the right place!

ANSI / ISO Standard SQL and PL/SQL

If your intention is to work with databases in any capacity, it is essential that you explore the options for training, as training provides the most solid foundation and will prepare you to enter the workforce in the most effective way. Individuals who have been trained in SQL generally work as applications developers, database architects, software engineers, and QA testers, DWH specialist and System managers.

SQL proficiency is an important feature to have on any hi-tech resume. PL/SQL proficiency will help you to maximize your abilities within the workplace and with those increased abilities, you will ensure your staying power and be able to demand a higher salary.

Additionally, as an SQL and PL/SQL trained individual, you will be able to understand other applications more quickly and continue to build your skill set which will assist you in getting hi-tech industry jobs.

Real time practical scenarios